July 12, 2011

Zoey's Anniversary Cakes!

This weekend commemorates Zoey’s one year anniversary with us.  We’re not sure if she’s two and a half or three so we’ve never known how to celebrate a birthday.  We decided the best way to celebrate having her would be to celebrate her anniversary instead of a made up birthday.  And this is the weekend!  It really doesn’t seem like we’ve only had her for one year, it seems so much longer.

She thought it'd be a good idea to help me with the cooking... by sleeping...

I’ve made her homemade dog treats before, the last time being around Christmas.  I thought she needed something extra special for her birthday so I found a recipe for a dog cake.  Not a cake shaped like a dog, but a cake made for dogs.  You can buy them in the dog boutiques around here, but they always seemed kind of gross because they’re really hard (I’m guessing so they can keep awhile).  I found a recipe that has all stuff that is good for dogs, including peanut butter, carrots, whole wheat flour, and some honey for added sweetness.  The icing is banana and cream cheese.  Pretty much this is the best thing ever that she could eat.  All of her favorites.

And here are some photos of her greatly enjoying that cake... She kept trying to eat it all in one bite.  This is why we give her small pieces and don't plop the whole cake in front of her.

I'm giving her the sign for "leave it."  She surprisingly knows that very well.  Even though she doesn't like to do it.

 And.....  nom. nom. nom.

The adults get a black forest gateau.  Sort of like a cake, but it’s French or something like that.  It tastes just as good to me.  This one had lots of steps to it, baking the cake, putting a ganache frosting on it, making the filling and icing, and then putting those on too.  This cake is not healthy in any way shape or form, but aren’t those the best?

I love how whipping cream can go from this...

...to this, in just a few minutes.

And the assembly... start with one cake.  Put some ganache on top of it.  Top with frosting.

Top with cherries.

Top with another layer.  Finish frosting and decorating!

I also made some dark chocolate trees to add to the cake.  They looked nice for awhile, but the apartment was warm so they slowly thawed.  We ended up having a few fallen trees on our cake.

This cake is definitely a keeper.  Really fantastic, but you can only have small slices at a time since it is so rich.

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  1. Awesome dog, awesome cakes! My family has a traditional easy cake (actually a torte. Think less like a cake and more like a stack of frosted cookies.) that involves baker's chocolate, sweetened whipped cream, and about a half hour nap after eating a very, very thin slice. I thought of it as soon as I saw the Black Forest cake (or gateau as the case may be).