July 6, 2011


Don’t you just love sundresses?  I do.  I just wish that I could wear them all of the time, though most of mine I can’t wear to work for one reason or another… mostly because they are sundresses. 

I have always loved to sew dresses.  I first learned to sew by making dresses and even today I mostly make myself dresses.  I always feel guilty if I buy a dress from a store.  I think I have 2 or 3 dresses in my closet right now that are store bought.  The other 15 or so are ones that I have made over the years.

When I find a pattern I like, I just use it over and over again.  A few of the most popular ones for me are these.

This is my oldest one.  I probably should get rid of it, since it’s a little small, but it has been with me for so long.  This dress has but up with so much damage, including when one of my friends dropped a greasy slice of pizza across the front of it!  I thought it was ruined, but my stain stick was able to revive it and you’d never know it happened unless you were there that day.

This is my comfiest dress.  It’s not the best color on me since I am pasty white and it is a light coral color.  But it stretches to my every whim.  I would wear this everywhere if I could.

This dress started out as the same pattern as the last one with a higher neckline, but the fabric isn’t stretchy.  After sewing it, all the gathering at the waist made it look like I was trying to hide a pregnancy.  So I took out some of the bulk and made the skirt a straighter line.  And I extended the waistline so it hit at my natural waist and not above it.  I ran out of fabric though, as it was only a remnant to start with, so I added the green strip on the bottom to make it long enough for my comfort.  Some people might like skirts up to their thighs, but I like mine to be around my knees.

And yet another dress that I made a few months ago with the same dress pattern.  Can you tell that when I find a patter I like, I use it over and over again?

I seem to buy a lot of blue fabric when I’m picking out patterns.  My favorite color isn’t even blue, but something always draws me to them.  Here is another blue sundress.   I bought the fabric for this one planning to replace the other blue and white dress.  Though both are still hanging in my closet…

And this is the latest sundress that I have made.  I got this fabric while I was working in the Costume Shop and never knew what to do with it.  I had a pattern for a 1960s style jumper that I just loved and decided to combine the vintage fabric with the vintage pattern.  This one unfortunately didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.  I didn’t have enough fabric to line up the pattern.  It doesn’t look too bad, but it could look much better.  The top is also a bit too small for me. 

I’m actually sort of surprised that I only have 5 sundresses to show off.  Though I’m sure I’ll keep adding more and more to that list!

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