July 13, 2011

Another Vintage Inspired Dress

My latest sewing venture continued in my recent pattern of not using directions/one pattern.  This one combined two patterns, Butterick 6582 and 5603.  I really like the bottom of 6582 and have used it on a few dresses now.  The fit is fantastic on it and I love the lines.  The top of the dress is much higher on my neck than I wanted though.  I thought the neckline of C on 5603 would be what I wanted, so I started with that.   

What ended up happening is the neckline was just as high as the other pattern!  So I lowered it to make the neckline I wanted.  I also made the darts deeper, and sewed down the overlay.  It turned out really well and I can’t wait to wear it… though I need some hooks and eyes before I can wear it out… I really need to get those.

The fabric is red and green although it looks orange when put all together.

Sometime I should redraw the top of this pattern on some paper so I can easily make it again another time.  That would make the most sense anyways.

 I’m in the mood to make a trench coat.  But I don’t have any of the right fabric around here.  And there aren’t any fabric stores close by me.  Fail all around.

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