July 3, 2015

Adding Character to Our Foyer

After finishing the master bedroom, I told Alex that I wasn't planning any more large projects for a while. I think that lasted about a week or two before I started the planning process for our foyer. 

When we first walked into this home, I was so sad because the view from the front door was directly into the kitchen. A wide hallway that ended with a kitchen. Not even in different room!  Just one long room. Very strange. So I knew that I wanted to separate these spaces at some point. This was the view from the front door.

This is our before picture. Later in the post, you can see the after from the same spot.

The first step in this process was building a wall between the front door and the kitchen. My parents came for the weekend and helped us build it, including hanging an extra original door we had laying around. 

Then the project was sidelined, while I worked on other rooms. Once I came back to the project a month ago, I knew I wanted to imitate this wall in the rest of the foyer. I loved the richness of the wood, trims, and beadboard. My plan included matching the original baseboards and door casings as close as I could without needing to pay for custom mouldings, adding beadboard wainscoting, and building a storage area for coats, shoes, hats, etc. 

After a few trips to the store, we had most of the supplies needed. I should remember to take a photo of our den during each of these projects as it gets filled with random boards, paint, hardware, and more. I had planned on using plywood beadboard, but once I saw it in store, I decided to splurge on the real stuff. It just looks a lot better and I thought it would probably take stain better too. I started to install all of the beadboard planks above the existing baseboards.

I was able to find casings and mouldings that nearly matched our original. You'd be hard pressed to notice that they are different. Here is our front door, my inspiration for the whole project.

Next up was the storage area. I knew this would be a major undertaking, especially with my limited woodworking skills. I built it in place since it needed to fit exactly to the 52 3/4 inches space I had. I measured many times and had most of the wood cut at Home Depot. Everything was perfect, except two boards were cut 1 inch incorrectly. Annoying, but nothing we couldn't deal with at home once we noticed it. My plan included allowing the baseboards to continue, then having storage for shoes so they don't need to sit out all the time. On top of that would be a bench for storage or sitting while putting shoes on with beadboard behind and storage hooks for coats. We have lots of hats in our home, which are always getting crushed, so I measured the space needed for cubbies to fit them. And on top of everything will be more storage. Eventually I'll probably install some doors and more shelving, but that can be another project.

Once all of the pieces were installed, mostly using liquid nails since I didn't want too many nails to be seen, I was able to start staining. We found a gel stain that matched our original stain perfectly. Gel stain is my new favorite product. I didn't have to worry about it dripping everywhere and I could get a dark stain with only two coats of the product. After allowing a week for the stain to dry, I started on the layers of poly. I tried wipe on poly for the first time, which also worked fantastically for this project. Didn't drip everywhere and for a large project, I didn't have to worry about brush marks everywhere. 

The last step in this big project was to repaint the walls and ceiling. We had changed out the lighting fixture when we built the wall, so the ceiling needed patching and repainting. The whole first floor was a gray blue when we moved in, so we have been slowly repainting everything into warm colors. I wanted the look of a warm and welcoming foyer, and I wanted to match the style of our Victorian/Edwardian building. I wasn't about to attempt wallpaper. I didn't feel like dealing with putting it up or taking it down when I tire of it in 10 years. I bought a stencil on Amazon, and painted the walls in a semi-gloss gold, then painted a deep red eggshell paint with the stencil. 

We added in our large mirror (which my parents found for $5), installed our vintage looking hooks (also found on Amazon), swapped out the door handle for a glass one, and put down our entrance rug. Eventually I'll buy a floor rug for the room, but I haven't found anything that is worth it yet. We will also put down a more permanent protective layer in the shoe cubbies, but for now it's just fabric.

Here is the after shot from the same angle as the before earlier in the post.

When we first walked into this home, we saw the bland, white, dated kitchen from the front door. Now you see a beautiful, stained wood foyer with a giant built in storage area!