July 19, 2011

Furniture Re-Do

Here’s an update to the furniture I redid in an earlier post on this blog.

We used the furniture as is for a few weeks now.  It is already getting little scratches in it and showing marks from where our hands and feet have touched it.  So I’m going to go ahead and add on a layer of polyurethane. 

Now let’s hope that I holds up better with this layer!  It should give it a nice smooth surface now and it won’t feel like we’re always touching our walls…

Though it does have to sit for about 72 hours to fully dry…

We went away for the weekend to our bridal shower so we, luckily, didn't have to sit in the apartmetn with the fumes all weekend.  But we did have a very goofy and very sleepy dog in the car for most of the trip.

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