July 7, 2011

Mad Men Yourself….

I am absolutely in love with the show Mad Men.  There aren’t too many shows that I countdown the time until the next show and refuse to watch it on reruns for the first time.  One of the parts of the show that I go crazy for is the fashion.  I already love 1960s fashion, and they do such a fantastic job on this show. 

You can even Mad Men Yourself on their website.  My friend Tyler did this version of me earlier this year.  I think I look evil…

Here are just a few of the dresses on that show that I would love to own…

Well really anything that Joan wears… I’d just like to be her, haha.

I decided to create my own dress based around a Mad Men fashion.  I made this one about a month ago and still can’t finish it because I’ve run out of hooks and eyes… Betty Draper wears this dress in the first season to the theatre.  I love the illusion top, the nipped waist, and how the skirt flows. 

For my version I used a wiggle dress pattern that I had and did the top freehand.  I used Butterick 6582 for the bottom.  I modeled the nipped waist and the illusion top, but kept it as a pencil skirt to be more like Joan.  I cut the top of the dress into a strapless sweetheart neckline.  Then I added the two tone, sheer white fabric to the top.  It is gathered around the bottom, so it is similar to Betty’s. 

The waist on her version is more interesting than mine, but I wanted to keep it simple, because I thought the two tone fabric on top was enough interest.  The back of the dress has a keyhole opening from the zipper to the top with a pearl button closing it.

I haven’t worn this one out anywhere yet, but I’m really excited to give it a try!  I just need to find some hooks and eyes…

Also, has anyone seen these Mad Men Barbie dolls that came out a few years ago… aren’t they creepy.

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