June 30, 2011

Zoey Bear Beantona

Here is Zoey.

She worries about us....

She is our adorable white, deaf boxer that we adopted just about a year ago.  It will be one year next weekend.  Since we don’t know her birthday, she’s somewhere around 2 ½ or 3, we’re going to celebrate her anniversary with us.  I’ll probably bake some cookies for her… check back to see how that goes.  Her name, Zoey Bear Beantona, combines the name the rescue gave her, the middle name we gave her (so she can chase us around the apartment and we can be "Exit Pursued by a Bear"... Shakespeare joke...), and a combination of my last name and my fiance's. 

Anyways, she is the goofiest dog and having her around has given me a chance to branch out with my crafting. 

And I never get tired of taking photos of her.... though I'm sure everyone on Facebook does.

The first project I did for her was making her a dog bed.  When I was looking at beds, they were insanely expensive!  I don’t want to spend a $100 on a bed for her, when she’d rather just hang out in ours!  So I went to sewing her one!  I stopped at the store and bought some fleece fabric and trim.  The expensive part would have been the inside of it, but I had a memory foam topper on my twin bed from college that I didn’t need anymore.  Fold that thing in half and it’s perfect!  I even sewed a zipper in it so we could wash the outside periodically.  The bed turned out fantastically, but like I said before… she has a nicer bed than me, with memory foam and everything, but she’d still rather snuggle in bed with my fiancé and me.

The next project I undertook was for a winter coat for her.  She’s a short haired dog who grew up in South Carolina so this past year was her first winter!  Again, coats for dogs are really expensive and they are usually just for looks.  So I bought a man’s coat from Goodwill and styled it into one for her.   It has Velcro and snap closures to keep it fitted to her.  It has a pocket on the side in case she needs to carry anything with her… I’m not sure what she’d need, but we’d put treats in their occasionally.  And the best part is that it was lined with fleece to keep her warm and the outside was waterproof so only her head would get soaked in the rain.  She was a very stylish puppy this winter around Chicago.

And here's the puppy wearing it!

And the latest craft is probably the strangest one.  She used to hate going into her crate.  She still sort of does, but she is getting better with it.  I knew that she loved to burrow under blankets, with most winter nights sleeping at our feet completely under 3 or 4 layers of sheet and comforters.  So I wondered if she would like it if her crate reminded her more of that.  I went out and bought some more fleece and covered the sides with it.  I tied it up like you do those no-sew blankets, so I could move it easily if needed.  And it actually seems to have helped a great deal!  She’ll now go in there of her own free will and just hang out.  Though I have to guess that people think I’m really strange whenever they see it in the corner of the room.  Oh, and you can see her blanket in there that I knitted out of boredom.  It started as a scarf, then became a blanket, and then I ran out of matching yarn, so it became her blanket.

I’m thinking of doing a general wedding crafting post next or maybe I’ll take some photos of my latest sewing adventures.  Do you make weird craft projects for your pets?

The New Apartment!

Hello Everyone!  And welcome to my new blog.  It should be an adventure…

To start off, I decided I would catch you up on some of my latest crafting.  Earlier this month we moved into a new apartment, so I started going crazy with new projects for me to do around the place.  My fiancé looks at me like I’m crazy because he’d rather just be playing video games all day long in his free time.  The dog, Zoey, looks at me like I’m crazy all the time, so I don’t put too much stock into that. 

Since moving into the new place, my biggest project was redoing our bedroom furniture.  Since my fiancé and I are both recent college graduates in the past couple years, most of our furniture doesn’t match.  And since bedroom sets are so expensive to buy, I decided to just refinish all of the pieces we had in our possession. 

Here is the best before photo I have.  You can see the dresser is a light blonde color and the rest of the pieces are darker, but still none of them match.

My project, taking up a weekend in the new place, was to sand them, paint them, and put new hardware on.  Since I didn’t know I was going to be blogging at this point, I didn’t take photos during…

Here is the end product though!  I’m pretty proud of it, though Zoey’s hair is always covering the dark surfaces now. 

Another craft I just did earlier this week was a small bouquet of fabric flowers.  I’m working on crafting for my wedding this fall and am trying to figure out the decorations for the ceremony.  I made this mock up with scrap fabric and buttons that were lying around the apartment. 

I can’t really think of anything more right now that I’ve been able to craft in the past week or so, but make sure to stop back in to check out what’s next.  I’m thinking of doing one dedicated to the dog…