July 3, 2011


This weekend one of my college roommates is here to visit.  I thought a post showing some college crafting would be an appropriate homage to this event.  When we moved in together I wanted to make something for the apartment.  I found a fantastic sewing pattern for vintage aprons and went to work creating custom aprons that matched each of our personalities.

The apron for one of my roomies is predominately yellow, as you can see.  Her favorite color is yellow, so I just put together lots of stuff with that bright and cheery color.

The apron for my other roomie was done in cool tones, nice and calming.  She loves to cook, so I thought something busy would work best since it would hide stains!

And then there was my apron.  When I saw this fabric I just fell in love with it.  It is vintage fabric that I got while working in the costume shop.  Unfortunately it isn’t the best fabric to use as an apron since you can see all the stains, but I’m more likely to just throw on a t-shirt when I’m making something messy anyways.

So here they are all together, the aprons that hung next to one another in our kitchen at Brafire (that was the name of our apartment).  Now they are scattered around the Midwest, but still hanging up in each kitchen as a great reminder of that college apartment.

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  1. I LOVE the 3 aprons together!! It's such a fun image- and makes me nostalgic, too :)