July 14, 2011

Work Dresses

I always have so much trouble finding things that I’ve sewn that are appropriate for work.  Most of my sundresses are too casual or my formal dresses would look way too out of place.  This year I have been consciously trying to sew more dresses that I can wear to work. 

For the blue dress I used Butterick pattern 5603.  I had this fabric sitting in my box for years.  I was going to make a pair of comfy cargo capri pants out of it.  I never got around to it and when I got this pattern, it just seemed so perfect for it.  This dress looks great for work, but is one of the comfiest things I own.  Win Win!

I started with style B.  The darts were too short, so lengthened them.  Also I didn't want to have the ties sticking up on the shoulders (so it could be more work approriate).  After making the dress I decided to add the fabric at the shoulders to make it a bit more interesting. 

For the black and white dress, I used this New Look pattern.

I was going to sell this one after I made it because the bust was a bit too small, but every time I wear it I get lots of compliments so I guess it isn’t too noticeable!

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