July 5, 2011

American Apparel Challenge

I have a friend who does sewing challenges from Sew Weekly, so I decided I’d try my hand at one.  The one that was up for this week was paying “tribute to designers that call America home.”  I don’t follow designers at all… unless you consider watching Project Runway following…

One designer I can point out their designs though is Diane von F├╝rstenberg.  The staple of her designs are wrap dresses and prints. 

I had bought this green fabric about a month ago and knew that I wanted to use one of my dress patterns for it.  I have a pattern that is perfect for strech fabric and I’ve made it before with ¾ length sleeves, but I wanted something that was more summery for this fabric. 

The dresses I had made in the past are these two.

I took off the sleeves and reversed the direction of the darts; otherwise it mostly follows the pattern.  The dress isn’t a wrap dress, but the ruching and overlapping v-neck give it the same feel.  I like to not have to worry about whether my dress will stay together or not…

It took about 3 episodes of Mad Men to go from a pile of fabric to a fitted and hemmed dress.

And here’s my end product.  It looks much better on, since my dress form is sort of strange.  But I didn’t have anyone around to take a photo of me so this is all I have! 

I’m thinking of wearing it to my upcoming bridal shower in a few weeks!

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