June 12, 2012

SW: On the Television

Who else out there watches Happy Endings?  I'm kind of in love with it.  

Reasons to watch Happy Endings... 
1. It's hilarious... that's a given.
2. It's set in Chicago!  Their Chicago doesn't make much sense, but it is here nonetheless.
3. They throw a 1920's housewarming party.  I want to go to a 1920's themed housewarming party!

This week's Sew Weekly challenge was to find inspiration from a TV show.  I thought about going my usual route and make something from a period costume show, but I'm in need of separates!  And I love the fashion of Jane Kerkovich-Williams on Happy Endings.  It all works out! You can check out the page here.

Also, deep down, I am just as much of a type A personality that Jane is... I just don't let it out to breathe like she does. 

This is what I used for inspiration for the challenge.

I've never liked wearing shorts or shorter skirts, but I decided to branch out and make something out of my usual comfort zone.  I've worn the skirt once and felt pretty strange in it, but the top will probably get lots of rotation in my wardrobe!

 And everything was made out of hand-me-downs from my husband's wardrobe!  The shirt is an old dress shirt and the skirt is made from a pair of khakis.

Maybe I should have used this outfit as inspiration...