July 10, 2011

Summer Cleaning?

The past few posts have mostly been recapping of past crafts that I have done.  I probably should have started this blog a long time ago to show all the stuff I like to work on.  But since I waited so long, I thought a recap would be a good way that I could showcase all of those items I’m so proud of.

One of the worst things for me is when I sew an outfit and then years down the line… I outgrow it.  I always hate when my clothes become tattered or shrink to the point that I can’t wear them anymore.  I have a t-shirt from elementary school basketball still and some sweatpants from middle school… though neither of them really fit me too well anymore.  When I make the clothing myself, it’s even harder to let go.  I should start a clothing exchange website where people can swap stuff they’ve made that is still in good condition but doesn’t fit them anymore… Actually I’d be surprised if this didn’t already exist.

I have a yellow linen top that I can't even fit onto the dress form to take a picture of too!

Here are just some of those pieces that are probably too small for me to wear, but I’ll keep trying anyways since I put so much time and love into them!

Do you have things you have worked on that you just refuse to throw out since you put so much time and love into them?

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