July 5, 2011

Wedding Crafts Galore

As promised here is my post about the wedding planning.  I got engaged last summer and went crazy with my planning… I was pretty much finished by the end of the year.  This has led to all of 2011, me just trying to find projects to keep me busy.  You lucky viewers get some sneak peeks into my wedding and the fun décor! 

I wanted to have a vintage feel to the wedding, but not be outdated.  So I have been trying to work in vintage elements into our fall wedding.  

I didn’t want a regular guestbook that is covered in satin fabric, a big bow, and has a matching pen… that is not what our wedding is.  I wanted to have a vintage typewriter that people could write messages on, but they are really expensive and I wasn’t really sure if people would be able to use it.  So I instead ordered a bunch of shipping tags.  Though the tags looked too new.  It made the wedding look like it was travel themed instead of vintage.  I quickly went to vintagizing them. I think I just made up a word.  Vintagizing.  I used some instant coffee and a paint brush and went to work dying them.  To get them to dry quickly, I put them on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven for a few minutes.  They turned out fantastic.  You don’t really notice that they are a different color unless you put them next to a new tag, but I think it helps. 

I also did the same vintagizing to small tags that we can tie to our favors.  I stamped them with a stamp that I designed and had created through Vistaprint. 

And even more vintagizing!  Our apartment smelled like coffee for a few days while I was doing all of these projects.  I made some table numbers with the tags.  This wedding really is beginning to look like a travel wedding.

The last of the vintagizing I did was for confetti on the tables.  I did not want to use those little shiny pieces of paper themed to your celebration.  I love pearls, but those just roll… I don’t need people slipping on the floor.  Then my mind wandered to my interests.  I have a growing collection of New York Times newspapers.  I found an adorable photo where someone had taken old sheet music and cut it out into small hearts to use as confetti.  I decided to print out some copies of old New York Times front pages (I wasn’t going to cut up my real ones!) and use a heart shaped hole punch to make my confetti.  Most people at the wedding will probably just see it as hearts with words, but I like the significance. 

To vintagize these, I dyed the whole sheets and baked them before cutting out the stamps.  Look what happened to my baking sheets…

The last bit of crafting I did was creating some vintage style letters.  I recreated envelopes, stamps, etc. from 1950s mail and vintagized them.  My fiancé and I are big TV and movie nerds, so we choose our favorite couples as the to and from.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to use these for those, maybe I won’t end up using them.  Extra points for those who can name the TV show or movie the people are from.

There is more crafting that I have done for the wedding, but I don’t want to give away too much beforehand!

Anyone have any other ideas on how I can vintagize my wedding?  Or just craft in general?  I’m trying to think of ceremony decorations I can make on the cheap now.

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