November 11, 2011

Day 6- Flowers

I love getting flowers.  Whenever I have someone coming to visit, I end up buying flowers for the apartment.  So for today's challenge, we are going to make something involving flowers.  Maybe you are making cupcakes for the weekend and you can add some icing flowers to it.  Or you're going to make a flower bouquet for the dining room from fabric or paper.  Let flowers be your inspiration for today!

Day 5- Organization
My day of organization has been a busy one.  I've only been home for about 2 hours today so this one had to be quick.  I decided to do some organizing in the bathroom of our surfaces.

You might recognize these vases as ones that I made out of beer bottles.  I then covered them in lace and wrapped some ribbon around it.  They now decorate the area above our toilet...

And here's the space for towels.  I didn't know what to put up here, so I added some hand towels, some books, a reed diffuser, and a candle/vase/ribbon thingy.

And here's my newly organized bathroom.  In addition, I cleaned the bedroom last night... Here's the puppy afterwards...

1 comment:

  1. Your bathroom looks fabulous! I love your candleholders, and of course I love your fabulous puppy :)