November 2, 2011

30 Days of Crafting Challenge

As a celebration of being back in the blogging world I thought I would start a fun project with the rest of you bloggers! I'm putting out a thirty day challenge where you have to craft something on each day. Your crafting can be any medium from sewing to cooking to any other kind of crafting. The options are endless! I'm hoping that I will get some people to join in with me so I'm not doing it alone! And maybe you'll get some holiday gifts made early!

Day 1- Craft with materials found near you
Day 2- Make a card
Day 3- Food related
Day 4- Use a photograph for inspiration
Day 5- Keep yourself organized
Day 6- Flowers
Day 7- Use fall colors
Day 8- Make something seen on TV or in the movies
Day 9- For your pet
Day 10- Use your neighborhood as inspiration
Day 11- Traditional anniversary gift
Day 12- Bring out the nerd
Day 13- Use fabric
Day 14- Thanksgiving themed
Day 15- Unconventional uses
Day 16- Lighting
Day 17- Look out your window
Day 18- For someone else
Day 19- For yourself
Day 20- Kitchen
Day 21- Vintage inspiration
Day 22- Pinterest finds
Day 23- Something you've never done before
Day 24- Recycled items
Day 25- Someone else's suggestion
Day 26- Winter holidays
Day 27- Dream item
Day 28- Finish a project
Day 29- 30 Day Challenge
Day 30- Whatever you want

I'm still waiting on the computer to get in, but I'd like to start this next week. So if you are interested in joining me, please comment so we can all follow along! And tell your friends so they can join in too!!


  1. You KNOW I am on board with this :)

  2. Feel free to do as many or as little as you want!