November 10, 2011

Day 5- Keep Yourself Organized

On day 5 we get to get ourselves organized.  If you're like me, there is always something in the apartment that is messy.  No matter how much I organize, I always find a new spot where I can't find what I need.  So for today we get to craft to organize a place.  It can be something to help you stay organized, or it could just be cleaning up an area that has long needed it.  Have fun!

Day 4- Inspiration from a Photo
I took a bit of leeway on this day of crafting.  On Thursday we are going to a friend's birthday party and I wanted to cook something for it.  So the overlap of the two was a necessity unless I wanted my head to explode.  She is a big Doctor Who fan, so I tried to think of something to make relating to that.  Foodgawker came to the rescue!  Someone had created a dessert version of fish fingers and custard!  Here's the video for those of you who are confused...

So my photo I guess is of the Doctor eating some fish fingers and custard.  I also now want to call fish sticks fish fingers from now on...

The original recipe wasn't creative enough so I changed up a few things, including doing a completely different form of custard.  What I made was a white chocolate pot de creme for the custard and vanilla cookies covered in graham crackers.  The ones I'm bringing to the party are in chocolate crust shells also, but I forgot to take photos of that.  Here is my final product!  Also, sorry that I don't have photos during the process... I'm still without a computer so I can't hook up my camera yet.  I also wish my i-pod took better photos, because I'm saddened by the loss of quality when I upload them.

This recipe is definitely a keeper!  It is so good and it really does look like fish fingers and custard!!!  Allons-y!!!

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  1. FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD?!?!?! Holy. Crap. You just blew my mind.