November 22, 2011

Day 17- Look Out Your Window

Take a look out your window!  What do you see?  Is it a brick wall?  A garden?  Snow?  I wish there was snow...  Next, use whatever you see to get your creative juices going!  Craft with what you see out your window as your inspiration.

Day 16- Lighting

For the lighting challenge, I created a "lampshade."  I say "lampshade" because I'm using the term loosely.  I took a balloon and wrapped in it yarn and then glued like crazy.  I immediately ran into some problems when I couldn't get the glue to really hold all of the yarn down.  There was just too much yarn.  I realized that I had some spray adhesive, so I tried to use that to help keep it together... this made it harder to get the balloon out once it all dried... and it also smelled horrible.

But after I was able to get it out I had a lampshade.  I still need to get a light to put inside of it and hang it, but the bulk of the work is done.  I'm not crazy about the color of yarn I used, because it looks like a hornet's nest.... and I fear it might look more like it once I hang it from the ceiling...

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