November 16, 2011

Day 11- Traditional Anniversary

Do you remember that list of traditional anniversary gifts that always seemed so goofy?  Well for this challenge you get to pick one that has some personal meaning to you and craft from that.  Here's the list for an easy reference:

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

First: Paper
Second: Cotton
Third: Leather
Fourth: Fruit or Flowers
Fifth: Wood
Sixth: Candy or Iron
Seventh: Wool or Copper
Eight Bronze or Pottery
Ninth: Pottery
Tenth: Tin
Eleventh: Steel
Twelfth: Silk or Linen
Thirteenth: Lace
Fourteenth: Ivory
Fifteenth: Crystal
Twentieth: China
Twenty-Fifth: Silver
Thirtieth: Pearls
Thirty-Fifth: Coral
Fortieth: Ruby
Forty-Fifth: Sapphire
Fiftieth: Gold
Fifty-Fifth: Emerald
Sixtieth: Diamond

Day 10- Use Your Neighborhood for Inspiration

Part of the neighborhood that I live in is an openly LGBT community, so for today's crafting I chose to use the rainbow for inspiration.  Thank my husband for that idea... I had seen a photo on Pinterest awhile back where someone had split the stem of a rose and put each part into different colored water.  It then became a rainbow colored rose.  I attempted this same idea with a bouquet of carnations.

One of the problems I immediately ran into was trying to cut the stem into multiple pieces.  I was only able to cut the large stems into two sections and that was still pretty challenging.  And this didn't end up working out so well.  They didn't take the color!

So I put them in the glasses separately and it turned out ok...

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  1. I think they still look pretty with touches of color :)