November 3, 2011

Crafting Challenge Details!

For those who would like to participate in the crafting challenge here is handy little page to follow along with. 

I still don't have a computer unfortunately and it's not arriving for another two weeks, so I'm going to start this sans computer and just use the lab in my building... PS- It's a sauna in here right now!  I feel like I should be wearing shorts and a tank top!

We are going to officially start this challenge on Monday.  On Sunday I will post directions for the first challenge and clarify what to do, then you can post on Monday what you created. 

I've created a group on Flickr so that everyone can add photos of what they are creating, even if they don't have a blog.  Feel free to also comment below so we can follow along in your blog if you have one.  You should be able to click here to access the group.  You'll just need to request to join, but I'll accept you right away!!!

Happy Crafting to Everyone!!!


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  2. I will TOTALLY do this...

    ...this summer when I am not directing five shows at once like a moron.

    Can't wait to hear about yours!