November 7, 2011

Day 2- Make A Card

I'll start each post with the next day's post and then I'll go onto tell about what I did for the previous day.

Day 2- Make a Card

You get to make a card.  This can be digital, art, made out of fabric, even a cake decorated like a card.  Whatever you want!

What I did for Day 1- Craft with Materials Around You
I was sitting in my bedroom when I first started to try to plot out my attack plan for the next 30 days.  I have a corner that is filled with all of my sewing stuff and there is an old lamp next to it.  Not old in a nice way, but in an I got it second hand when I went to college and it's pretty ugly. 

I decided I would recover the lampshade to give it some new life.  Since I am still without a laptop, I can't get the photos off of my camera.  Therefore, I only have pictures of the finished product and not the before.

What I did was cut a bunch of circles out of a yellow linen scrap of fabric I had lying around.  I had previously used it to make a shirt!  Then I glued the tops of them to the old lampshade.  And here's my end product!  No longer is it a flat, faded green lampshade!

With the lights off.

With the lights on.

The fringe along the top of the lampshade.

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