December 16, 2011

Wedding Decor!

I finally got photos back from the wedding so I thought I'd share some photos of those decorations that I had talked about making before!

Our bridesmaid flowers!

My flowers wrapped with lace from my mom's wedding dress, with our programs.

All of these wooden place holders were hand cut by my mom!

Here's our guestbook with the typewriter I refinished and shipping tags to write messages to us.
Our cake.  I didn't do much with this, but it's still pretty!

Our centerpieces, and twig vases that I made.

My vintage overnight bag used as a card holder, and vintage mail to and from tv and movie characters!

Our evergreen tree favors.

One of my favorite guestbook additions.  A drawing of Alex and I!

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  1. What lovely ideas - I imagine it was a wonderful day for you both!