December 3, 2011

A Bunch of Posts...

First off... I am apologizing because I hate technology... and I guess it hates me too. 

Second... I notice that on my last blog post that it says "I took an old sweated that was too brigand made the sleeves into wine bottle covers."  I typed sweater into my iPod and it changed it to sweated... cause that makes sense.  And the word big was changed to brigand... cause that makes even more sense.  I hate that iPods auto correct words to what it thinks I mean... when I typed it correct the first time. 

Third- I set up the next few posts on the iPod... and have since seen that they did not post.  Fail.  So this post will be all of those in one... sorry.  And now that I have a computer again I can add photos in!

November 30th's photo!  I'm not crazy about the buttons.  I'm going to rethink how to decorate them.

(Supposed to be on December 1st)
Day 26- Winter Holidays
Craft something for the winter holidays!

My Day 25- Someone elses suggestion
My days suggestion for crafting came from my husband.  He had been telling me to get a XMas tree to decorate for a while, but we hadn't gone to get one cause.. well... we're busy people.  Well he is... so I went out and bought a Christmas tree to surprise him!  I brought it home, set it up, put the lights on and decorated it! 

I texted him to tell him I had a surprise for him when he got home.  He gets home and notices some flashing Christmas lights across the room and comments that that is new.  I then point to the spot directly next to him where there is a 5 foot tree next to him on a table... he's not the most observant.

(Supposed to be on December 2nd)
Day 27- Dream Item
Is there something that you have always wanted but never made for yourself?  Well now is the time to make that dream item!

My Day 26- Winter Holidays
I crafted some ornaments for our tree because it is pretty sparse right now.  I got some clear ornaments and filled them with floor wax (it is sticky) and glitter.  They turned out ok, but I'm not completely crazy about them.  They look sort of cheap to me.

(Supposed to be on December 3rd)
Day 28- Finish a Project
Are there any projects that you started but haven't been able to finish.  Today you get to pick that project back up and finally finish it!  Hopefully!

My Day 27- Dream Item
I have been wanting a bar in our apartment for a while, but haven't known what to make it out of.  I don't have extra bookcases around and I don't have the time/money to buy wood and build my own.  I ended up deciding to make a small one out of an entertainment (DVD) case.  I've painted it and am going to put polyeurethane on top later.  For the top I lined it with corks.  I am a few short so I have to drink about 1/2 a dozen more bottles of wine to get the corks.  I measured the shelves so I can do a shelf of small glasses, martini glasses, regular wine glasses, and large wine glasses.  Additionally there is the top and the bottom shelf for alcohol bottles!

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