December 12, 2011

Gift Giving- Apron

I love making aprons and I have a fantastic retro pattern to work with. Aprons are a tough gift to give because who really uses them anymore?  Even the one I made for myself doesn't get used very much.  I usually just throw on a t-shirt if I'm going to me making something messy.  But they are still pretty gifts to give, and hopefully they'll get some usage even if it's just for decoration.

When I ordered the fabric online for this one, I thought I was getting purple... but the colors still matched each other so it all worked out well.

This one is blue and black.  The fabric isn't the best, but it's really pretty and the black is a velvety material!

Here is my green apron.  It is still missing button details, but you an get the general idea.


  1. I adore the pink one - it's gorgeous!

  2. These make sexy dresses!

  3. The pink one could be made into a stunning cocktail dress!