February 25, 2014

Yearly Resolutions: Woodworking, Building a Headboard

After such a sweet year working with cakes, I tried my hand at something a bit more challenging (especially in an apartment!)

2013- Woodworking (building small pieces)

This might have been the hardest one so far to work on.  I live in a rented apartment, so there isn't much room for changes or power tools.  Though in this year alone, I was able to make a new headboard, build a bench, refinish a coffee table, and stained new bedside tables.  

The new headboard was a birthday gift to my husband, though it wasn't much of a surprise.  We were moving a week after his birthday, and I didn't want to have to move the old headboard with us.  Our apartment is mostly mid-century in decoration because of grandparent hand-me-downs and my taste in decor.  Though my husband's design taste is what I like to call "Western Chic."  He loves the rugged elements of the West, but doesn't want to see spurs, cowboy boots, and animal hides laying around.  I found this simple headboard design on Pinterest.  

All you have to do is take a couple of wood boards, stain them, and drill them into your wall.  Well... that's a problem for us.  Living in a rental, I can't drill into the wall.  So I took another two pieces of wood and drilled those perpendicular to the four front boards.  My husband picked out a rugged stain, and we bought extra so one day I could build and stain new nightstands to match.

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