February 14, 2014

Covering Unsightly Planters

I have a plant addiction.  If I had better lighting in my apartment, I think that every surface would be covered in plants.  

Though, with all the plants I have, none of the planters match.  I searched high and low for an idea on how to make my mini garden look more cohesive.   

Most of the responses I found online said I should spray paint them.  Two problems there:  You can't buy spray paint in Chicago and there are already plants in my planters!  I don't think they'd like a coating of paint.  I next thought about wrapping them in fabric.  Since my planters are not simple shapes, then covering them in fabric would just lead to lots of puckering and heartache.  Then I thought about using twine.  It would add more rustic elements into our home too!  

I bought jute twine and used strong craft glue to put it on.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of time to wrap twine around a planter.  This would have been much easier if the planter was empty.  But the end result is great!  I covered three planters like this, though one of them cracked about a month later so I had to toss it out.  

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