February 11, 2014

Designing a Cookbook

One of my bigger projects of last year was working on my own personal cookbook.  I have lots of baking recipes that are my favorites, but they were bookmarked and saved in random places with an assortments of notes written all over.  So in an effort to organize it all, I put it together as a cookbook that I could enjoy, as well as my family and friends.   

All of the photos came from previous projects that I had worked on.  You can easily have your book printed many places online, but the place I choose was Photobook America.  They had great layouts, so I didn't have to do all the design work myself and even had a few already geared towards cookbooks.  I had it printed like a paperback, which made it look a lot nicer than a normal photobook.  I have gotten so much use out of my new cookbook!  I even gave out a few as gifts for the holidays!

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