February 20, 2014

Yearly Resolutions: Cake Decorating

Last post, I talked about my 2011 resolution to learn painting.  In 2012, I moved onto cake decorating!

After a few years of feeling unfulfilled at my job, I was looking for something to occupy my free time that I love to do.  A friend of my recommended that I bake.  I've always loved to bake, but didn't do it that often.  I don't need all those calories sitting around on my counter!  

So I opened up a little side business to make cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts (usually pies that my husband requests) for friends.  Fondant is a huge design element in fancy cakes that I had zero experience with.   

I started simple... with a Doctor Who cake.  Ok.  Maybe not so simple.   

Though, now I can make cakes with fondant or buttercream that look unique and gorgeous.   The highlight of this past year was making the birthday cake for my husband's grandmother's 100 birthday celebration!   

My interest in baking also gave me the idea to put together a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes.  Now I have all of the best recipes, even a few that I've created from scratch myself, in one convenient place.  And in 2014, I have two weddings along with numerous birthdays and other celebrations!

Next up: I'll chat about my 2013 resolution... Woodworking!  That was a tough year.

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