February 5, 2014

Holiday Gifts

Every year at the holidays I try to come up with homemade gift ideas for my family.  I feel that they are more personal than just giving clothes or a gift card to someone.  Now, I don't know if my family feels the same way.  They might secretly be hating my homemade gifts every year... 

I sewed a few gifts, as would be expected.  All of the dogs in the family received puppy stockings.  My brother got an apron with mustaches printed all over it.  I made my aunt a warm fleece robe to wear around the house too.

I made some personal artwork for my brother and his fiance also.  I took a photo of their dog and painted the silhouette onto a piece of burlap.   

The two big gifts of the year were a new winter coat for my husband and a custom nutcracker for my father in law.  Check back in for posts about those!

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