February 8, 2014

Custom Nutcrackers

My father in law collects nutcrackers.  He has hundreds of them that come out each year at the holidays.  So this year, I made a nutcracker of him!  

I had the hardest time finding an unfinished nutcracker.  And by hardest time, I mean I couldn't find one anywhere.  I ended up buying a finished nutcracker at JoAnns.  

Can you believe that is the before?!?  I hardly can and I'm the one who worked on it!  I then pulled off all the fabric, which was glued down really well!  I put a few coats of paint on, then started to work on the clothes.  The pants were the hardest part.  I didn't think about the fact that I couldn't just sew pants and then slip them on until I was about to do it.  I ended up having to hand stitch the pants on to the nutcracker.  Not an easy task.  I ordered the props from an online dollhouse company and glued them into the metal basket.   

Voila!  The finished project!  Does it look like him?

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