September 8, 2011

Work Cake!

I got a cake at work last week... (I'm posting now because I already had other posts written to post over the past week...)  A bunch of women in the office have gotten married this year and our pastry department made each of us a cake.  I got to take home the mystery cake.  There was a chocolate covered cheesecake, a red velvet cake, a chocolate cake, a lemon and berry cake, and a mystery cake.  They couldn't remember what it was.  Haha!  I decided to be up for the surprise and it was a nice thick chocolate cake.  They must have made two of them... but I don't care, it's still yummy.

I didn't take photos until I got home so it sort of lost some icing on the way... oops!

I ate a piece and then froze the rest to wait for my fiance to get back from his bachelor party road trip.  But I made sure to take some photos of it.  Doesn't it look so good!  I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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