September 5, 2011

Sewing Injury

I have a sewing injury… I was working on my new comforter and hurt my back.  I don’t have a sewing table, so I usually just cut and pin on the floor and then move to a table to do the sewing.  Well I’m putting pleats in one section of the comforter and I needed to pin each line then sew it, and repeat.  My back was hurting a little bit that night, but it often does after I go crazy sewing.  The next day I could barely move.  And still today it hurts…

Looking it up online, it sounds like I have back spasms.  Here is the definition of it… (My favorite part is the bolded part)

A back spasm is a sudden and involuntary contraction, or uncontrollable tightening, of a muscle in response to strain, overuse, weakness, or muscle pain related to injury or a disorder. Back spasms often occur near the spinal cord or near the nerve roots that lead in and out of the spinal cord. This can put pressure on one of these sensitive nerves, causing quite severe pain.  It is common for muscle spasms to occur when you are exerting a lot of energy or are straining, such as while performing heavy lifting, working out, or engaging in a strenuous sports activity.

So I will not be sewing for a bit until I can get that to stop hurting.  And I’ll have to figure out a way to do the other side of pleating (I only finished ½ of the bedspread on Friday) without hurting myself again…

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