September 11, 2011

Finished Comforter!

I finally finished the comforter! 

After ordering fabric, not getting enough and having to order more… hurting my back, and having to wait to let it recover… it is finally done.

Side A:  Yellow and Blue Patterned Comforter.  The middle is a yellow patterned cotton.  Next to that are strips of suede that I sewed pleats down each an inch apart.  Then it is a brown silk fabric that matches the bed skirt.

Side B:  Striped Blue Silk Comforter.  This was the easy side.  It was just sewing two pieces together so that it was big enough to make the full comforter! 

The bed skirt was really easy to work on.  I haven’t added any buttons to it like I wanted to.  I may have to go back and add that later.

The pillows are where it really gets fun.  The main pillow shams are a gold silk fabric sewn into a lattice pattern.  The smaller pillow is made from extra batting I had leftover from the comforter.  I used the same suede fabric as the comforter too and brown silk.  It’s simple, but a great addition.  I just have to make sure the fiancĂ© removes them from the bed each night… 

By biggest trouble was not ordering enough fabric originally and hurting my back.  Have you ever done the math and bought your fabric only to come home and be totally confused at where you got your numbers from?  That’s what happened to me on Side B of my comforter.  Oh, and then there was getting back spasms from the pleated suede.  Luckily I didn’t have that problem on the second side, as I was careful not to cause too much stress on my back. 

My only complaints would be that I wish the yellow fabric would have been a better material.  It is cotton which would look fine, except that the rest of my fabric is suede and silk.  And I also wish that the batting would have been thicker.  The batting I ordered claimed online that it was twice the thickness of regular batting.  I love thick comforters… if I was making this just for myself, I probably would have added another layer or two of the thick batting.  But as it stands it is still nice and warm.  Zoey had a great time last night snuggled underneath it.

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  1. Honey, it looks great!!! And how fabulous that you have two different looks that you can choose between every single day. Love love love :)