March 3, 2014

Yearly Resolutions: Woodworking, Staining Furniture

This has also been the year of staining.  I refinished a midcentury coffee table that we had gotten from a friend.  The finish on the top was partially scraped off and it was chipping a bit.  So I sanded it, stained it, and tossed some poly on it.  A note to all the other DIY'ers out there... don't power sand in your apartment.  It doesn't work.  Well it does work, you just have dust everywhere.  I didn't have anywhere else to do it, but I also wouldn't do it again.

And my current project, which is a holdover from last year, is a new set of bedside tables.  My brother built the tables for us as a Christmas gift.  I wanted something that had midcentury lines to cater to my taste, but was stained in a rustic dark color for my husband's taste.  I did a few layer so of stain and lots of layers of poly.  Now we have a partially matching set of bedroom furniture!  

Here are the boxes post stain.  Now they are just waiting for the legs to arrive!

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