March 18, 2014

Decorating a Small Bathroom

We moved into our current apartment about three quarters of a year ago.  One of the hardest rooms to decorate and organize has been the bathroom.  Bathrooms usually do not have much storage, and this is even more true living in a big city.  We have a pedestal sink too, which means the only storage is behind the mirror.  I don't do my hair in the bathroom anyways, which is mostly a holdover from years of never having my own bathroom.  I've always shared it with a brother, floormates (oh college bathrooms), roommates, and now my husband.  But this still leaves many items that need to find a place.

The first big project was new shower curtains.  The previous one was my husband's from college.  We upgraded from a stiff plastic curtain to essentially curtain sheers.  I found the fabric at a fantastic fabric warehouse in Chicago.  I love having sheer curtains in the shower.  The let lots of light pass through, which is even more important since our current bathroom has a window in the tub.  I bought enough fabric for the curtain so that I could hang them near the ceiling.  We have wonderful tall ceilings in our apartment, so this makes the whole bathroom feel much bigger than it actually is.  Shower liners do not come this long, so I ended up buying two of them and just sewing them together.  No one is looking  that closely at the inside of my shower liner... I hope.

To add more of that rustic flare to our apartment for my husband, we put an orange crate in the bathroom below the pedestal sink.  We can store our scale, extra toilet paper, and any other extra stuff we need without it looking like it is just piled up in the corner.

Toss a few baskets and art pieces up and you're done!

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