February 6, 2012

Sew Weekly- Made This Look

I realized that I forgot to post my Sew Weekly Challenge from last week!  I have been trying to make clothing that is work appropriate.  I have lots of sundresses and cocktail dresses, but not many pants, blouses, or work dresses.  I borrowed this pattern from Meg (New Look 6000), but I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it was designed on the envelope.  I ended up combining about 5 different patterns by the end. 

I started with the side pleating detail, but that design did not have bust darts... who thinks that is a good idea?  I drafted the side details with bust darts.  Oh, and then combined three different sizes to make this dress.  Due to all of these alterations, it took me a little longer than usual to make, but it turned out fantastically!

It relates to the Sew Weekly Challenge  since we were supposed to make something that you could buy off the rack.  My original inspiration has a little different waist, but it still has that big collar that I find so interesting.  Oh, and the original is from Shabby Apple, which is an amazing website! 

I couldn't get the best photos because our one snowstorm of the year hit... I hate Chicago weather... it doesn't snow enough.  We get one big snowfall and it all melts within a day or so.  And it hasn't snowed in a week and half since.  But my hate of the lack of snow in Chicago is not the point of this post. 

And if you want to see my Sew Weekly post, head on over to here.

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