February 7, 2012

Fabric Shopping

I went fabric shopping to my new favorite store... ever.  There is a fabric store here in Chicago that is a three story warehouse filled with fabrics.  I had a Groupon to the store, but I would have gone anyways at some point.  They have walls upon walls of fabric, buttons, zippers, etc.  You can get all kinds of fashion fabrics, home decor fabrics, even creepy fabric that feels like my dog's fur.  And all of it for a great price!  I ended up going crazy...

I bought black on black plaid fabric and lace for a dress I've been wanting to make for a while.  Also a bunch of jersey fabric in blues, greens, reds, and grays.  I got 10 yards of gorgeous sheer fabric to make curtains for the living room.  Some blue striped suiting fabric for a pair of Katherine Hepburn inspired pants.  I think I bought around 20 yards of fabric, maybe even more. 

I forgot to take photos while I was there or of the fabric before I started cutting it out.  I was just too excited while I was there!

Then I went home and checked out Etsy to see if I could buy notions for cheaper than in stores like JoAnns.  I spent about $20 and was able to buy 10 zippers, around 250 shirt buttons (in 3 designs/colors), and 8000 yards of black and white thread.  I am going to go crazy sewing over the next month or so!

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