January 30, 2012

Sewing Class

I went to a sewing class this past weekend!  The amazing Meg over at Meg The Grand taught a bunch of Chicagoans how to sew buttons! 

It reminded me of working in the costume shop in college when we had to teach all of the newcomers in the shop how to sew buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, and basic hem stitches.  Luckily they found out pretty quickly in the shop that I already knew how to sew, so instead of having to teach the newbies the basics, I was stuck in a corner and given period dresses to build. 

Meg did the best thing possible and combined sewing and champagne.  I might need to make that a recurring way of sewing!  She patiently taught everyone how to sew on two hole, four hole, and shank buttons.  Then added in making covered buttons!  I hadn't made my own covered buttons before.  The next class will be on hems. 

PS- The best sewing of the day went to Rob for finding a way to sew a two hole potato chip to his sampler.  

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  1. That was so much fun! Thanks for coming - are you ready for the madness that will be hemming?!?!?! MWAHAHAHA :) xoxoxo I am so glad you are there for me to run techniques by before i try and teach them!