August 2, 2011

Zoey, Our Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

Zoey, as long as the weather cooperates, is going to be in our wedding.  I didn’t want to have her wearing one of those weird dresses for dogs because they just look uncomfortable and unnatural. 

I planned on making her some flowers to wear out of the same fabric that the bridesmaids dresses are.  While I was at the fabric store, I saw some really nice deep orange fabric that was the same material as the bridesmaids’ dresses.  I bought 1/3 of a yard of it to make her a little corsage to wear.  It’s really easy to do and they look fantastic. 

How to Make Fabric Flowers:

1. Cut your material into ovals the size that you would like your petals to be.

2. Heat the edges over a flame, such as a tea candle.  Make sure to not allow it to catch on fire.  The edges will turn black and curl a bit.

3. Sew the petals together to make a flower.  

4.  Add beads to the center of the flower.  I used pearls and rhinestone beads.

5. Sew the flowers together to make a bouquet.


  1. No pics of Z in full regalia?

  2. You'll have to wait until closer to the wedding. I can't give everything away too early!

  3. The flowers look fantastic - Zoey is going to be a stunning flower girl!