August 17, 2011

Breaking Glasses….

The internet is the “worst” resource for a crafter.  And by worst… I mean best.  I waste so much time just looking for new projects that look interesting.  My latest example of that was making my own candle holders.  I found (on Pinterest, which Meg got me addicted too) a way to make beer bottles into candle holders by slicing off the top. 

The directions that I found didn’t work out too well so I had to tweak them a good bit.  First off you gather all of your supplies:

Empty beer bottles or wine bottles
Nail polish remover
Matches or a lighter
A sink of cold water

Second, wrap the yarn around the bottle about 7-8 times and tie.  Then slide it off the top and dip in the nail polish remover.  After it is soaked through, slide it back on the bottle at the level you would like it to break.  I found that it actually broke a bit above the line. Make sure your yarn is straight though so it doesn’t break on an angle… unless you want that. 

Here comes the fun part.  Light the yarn on fire and turn the bottle slowly so it all gets heated.  Don’t catch yourself on fire or your apartment… that would not be good.  This was the time that my fiancĂ© asked where the fire extinguisher was… just in case.  He has no faith in me.  It is a controlled burn so it doesn’t do any damage or catch you on fire. 

When the flame dies out, quickly put it into the cold water.  It will break into two pieces.  Hopefully yours will crack in a straight line.  Mine were a mix of straight and jagged.  I also had a few that cracked through the glass.  So I guess make sure to have extras in case this happens to you. 

Use the sandpaper to file down the tops so they do not have sharp edges.  Then you can drop a candle in, decorate the outside, or if you really want (and had straight edges) you could use them as drinking glasses!

I’m thinking of covering mine in lace and filling it with a candle.

Oh and here's the storm that rolled our way that day...

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