September 21, 2012

Nice to Meet You- Proudest Crafting!

I am joining in with a group of bloggers who are introducing themselves to each other through their blogs!  How else would we?!?  I first heard about it through bricks and baubles, but forgot to participate in the first one... fail.  So here I am! 

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This time we are supposed to post about the favorite things we have made!  I'm going to try to be diverse here with my list.  And all the photos link back to the original post so you can see more photos and sometimes a tutorial!


I'll start out with baking.  I am very proud of a lot of my baking, but this takes the cake.  Haha.... takes the cake.... For my friend's birthday recently, I designed and created a cake based off of Doctor Who.  And this was the first time I created figurines out of fondant!


My favorite pastime is sewing.  I worked in a costume shop in college, where I was tasked with sewing corsets!  There were three stages of sewing, rehearsal skirts, men's vests, and corsets.  I skipped the first step altogether and didn't spend much time on the vests once they realized I knew how to sew.  I became the resident corset maker.  This one was designed for a friend while in college working on A Christmas Carol.


Here is some more sewing.  This was the first dress I created without using a pattern.  It was an upcycle of the bridesmaid dress from my parent's wedding.  Nowadays I probably combine patterns or don't use them at all most of the time, but this was my first try at it!  I wore it one night for a costume party and haven't put it on since.  I was supposed to be "Envy" from the Seven Deadly Sins.


Here is my most proud interior decorating moment.  Our living room wall is painted maroon with matte and semi-gloss paint in a striped pattern that I created myself as an accent wall.  I did this whole job myself, which is a huge reason why I am so proud of it.  Also you can see my collection of newspapers on the wall!  Double proud moment!


And some home decor for good measure.  I etched these glasses with etching cream as a gift to a friend.  This was my first time doing glass etching, but they turned out fantastically!  Though the next time I tried to etch a two pie plates, only one took.... boo Pyrex.


Lastly, I'll go with some decorations from my wedding last year.  I DIY'ed a lot of it, though I don't know that anyone could really tell!  This was our card box (not DIY).  But the letters surrounding it were all made by me with names of our favorite couples from tv and movies (and all the addresses were from Chipotles... yeah....).  And the candle in the background, I DIY'ed by covering a large vase in twigs and wrapping it in raffia (though it looks a little lopsided in this photo).

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