March 6, 2012

Accent Wall Painting

I am painting an accent wall in our apartment!  Alex mentioned painting and I of course went on one of my project rants... and this one ended with a newly painted wall.

Our apartment is mostly in neutrals and outdoor colors.  We were torn between teal and burgundy, but ended up picking burgundy as the best choice for our wall color.

I bought the paint today and put on the first coat.  It's a bit uneven, but tomorrow I'll do a second coat.  Let's just cross our fingers that we don't need more than that!  The next step after that will be putting stripes on the wall.  I'm painting stripes in varying sizes with a semi-gloss version of the same color.  That may be the hard part... we shall see.  Once I get better lighting to take some photos I'll show you how it looks!  Hopefully tomorrow I can finish up my painting!

Here is our inspiration for the color.

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited to see pictures! I think burgundy is a great choice for your place.