December 23, 2016

Harrison's Travel-themed Nursery

The nursery is finally complete.  I started working on it months ago, chipping away at the to-do list slowly when I had free time. 

The big project of the room was the painted mural wall.  Even before we knew the sex of our child, we decided on a vintage plane and hot air balloon theme for the room.  I repainted all the walls of the room a soft blue color to evoke the feeling of the oceans.  On the longest wall in the room, I projected a map of the world to trace and paint in high gloss.  Also, adding a few white and dark blues clouds behind the landmasses.  To add even more interest to the wall, friends bought us wall decals of planes and hot air balloons to add to it.

In the photos above you can also see the crib mobile that I hand-sewed.  It has a small motor at the top that spins and plays nursery music too.

We knew that lots of bookcase space was going to be needed, so wall shelves were installed in addition to cube bookcases.  You can see the giraffe stuffed animal that I sewed below.

My brother built a small teepee that we’ve put in the corner, and he put together the airplanes made from popsicle sticks and clothespins for our baby shower.

This large cross stitch was sewn in 1952 by my great grandmother.

The room previously had no window coverings, so we installed some shades on the windows to block out light and a simple valance to evoke the feeling of travel.  

Even though the room is small, it has a very large closet area.  The doors had been removed years ago because they didn’t stay on their track or even fit.  So we decided to use it as the perfect changing and storage area.  We put the dresser in the closet along with the cube bookcases.  Then all we had to do was get a piece of wood cut to cover the top of everything (well, we will be doing whenever we get out to the store).  It will be a great changing table now and play area in a few years.

The rest of the updates to the room are less noticeable to visitors, but are lifesavers to me.  I installed dimmer switches on all the overhead and closet lights and upgraded everything to LED. 

Now we are just waiting on the little guy to make his appearance in the next few days to weeks!  Zoey is hanging out near the teepee nervously waiting.

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