May 17, 2012

Latest Baking

I've been baking up a storm over here!  Working on getting my bakery off the ground.  Here are just a few photos of what I've been creating!

Triple Mousse Cakes before the sauce and salted caramel.

Now with salted caramel rounds.  These were starting to melt.  I made three syrups to go along with it- raspberry, caramel, and chocolate!

Red Velvet Trifle with strawberries and whipped cream

Mini Churro Cupcakes

Yellow Cake with raspberry filling and a raspberry buttercream icing

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  1. Becky, I love the yummy things you post about!
    I've really enjoyed your blog so I've decided to pass on the Liebster Award to you.
    Check out my blog for more details.
    - Anna -